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"Works great for getting soap scum off a tub with a power drill. Turns a 2 hour job into 5 minutes.
dubbs, 1/20/17"
Nyalox Cup brush

"This thing works great for grout removal on the tile. I had a lot of grout on my tiles and this thing combined with sulfuric acid did the job well. When you notice the brush start to not pick up grout, just reverse the drill and it will be nice and course."
grout removal Nyalox brush

"I am a remediation and abatement contractor to put my planned use into context. I purchased this product to supplant my stainless steel cup brushes. I really like how well the stainless steel cup brushes work, but they are do have definite risks to work with. You're behind a power tool, pushing one of those into your work piece. Little bits of wire break off (!), they can puncture your fingers while you're handling or grasping them and generally become very fragile all of a sudden towards the end of their usable life. So I purchased this having read the details about the product and how it works (flexible bristles impregnated with abrasives).

First and foremost, because the bristles aren't as firm this product won't strip off rust from a stud frame wall nearly as fast as a stainless steel version. That aside, this thing is freakin awesome. The flexible bristles mean that I can fit these much more comfortably into corners of a work piece. It doesn't kick back so suddenly like a stainless steel brush would if you hit something like a lip or edge. Very much unlike the old stainless steel cup brush, this thing is quite uniform in the work it does. It's almost surreal how different two sections of stud wall turned out using the old product and the new.

When the bristles break off, they don't have the same kind of energy or tension so it's lower velocity."
Nyalox brushes

"if it was possible to give this product 100 stars I would.

We made a mistake and let out grout dry before wiping it off. I know, horrible horrible mistake. I'm so mad at my husband for telling me I didn't need to wipe it off as I went and just as mad at my for not googling how to do it myself.

That being said this tool saved our glass tile backsplash and my husband since there's a chance I may have harmed him for his horrible instructions and guidance.

It really works on the dried grout AFTER you wet the tile. The tile needs a good soaking before you use this tool. I sponged over the tile several times and used a squirt gun as I went. I also used a screwdriver to loosen some of the hard to get patches in the crevices.

I think the pictures speak for themselves. We had quite a mess and with this tool, water, and a lot of elbow grease we were able to save our backsplash.

The higher the voltage on your drill, the better this works. I started off with a 14.4 volt as the 18v charged and when I started using the 18v, I could really see a difference.
review image review image review image"
Dried grout removal

"Nice and sturdy, good for harder metals/materials. Have used this kind before, a bit stiff for final finish but very good for all around rough polishing/buffing of almost any material."
Scrimshaw engraver

"Works great and last longer than wire brushes"
sean chun

"I use Nyalox Wheels to clean off rust from old hand tools. They works great."

"Long lasting. The blue/fine one is very fine and is only suitable for polishing and/or finish work. I use all three versions for finishing rustic reclaimed wood. I really appreciate that they are made in the USA."
b rabey

"I love this brush.

I had a rusted table saw surface, vise, drill press and surface plate and used this brush to clean off the rust. I used it with a cordless drill and it did wonders and took the items down to raw shiny steel."

"Used nyalox brush today in my electric drill. Worked nicely and no sharp wires flying around. I'll never use a wire brush again.
Dick A.

"I'm very impressed with the technical knowledge of the Dico Sales team. One call and all my questions were answered."
Rob, Tampa Florida