Premium Compounds, Cements, and Glues

• For use on ferrous, non ferrous, precious metals and plastics*

• Consistent, predictable finish due to the high quality formulations

• Conveniently color coded

• Choose a compound based on your application for superior results*


   * See applications below



• Customer friendly packaging in clamshells, blank tubes, or in bulk bricks

• Greaseless compounds are packaged in traditional poly bags

• Lapping compounds are conveniently packaged in pint cans

• NuGlu abrasive cement is conveniently packaged in quart cans

Compound Catalog

Click on the photos for the applications of our compounds.

  • E5 - Emery

    Most aggressive, it is the first step in finishing distressed metals.  Used for coarse buffing to remove scratches, rust, corrosion or to de-burr stainless steel and other hard metals.

  • PBC - Plastic

    Excellent for edge finishing of acrylic sheeting and restoring a clean finish to solid plastics. Removes scratches and produces a brilliant high-gloss finish.

  • GRN - Green Rouge

    Dry due to the high abrasive content. Used for extremely fine color buffing jobs on all classes of metals.  Also used for buffing precision tools, dies, and plug gauges to a mirror bright finish. Removes “metal fuzz” or lap lines without disturbing the essential dimensions of the work.

  • SCR - Stainless

    Cut and color compound used to restore the natural luster of ferrous metals.  Excellent for coloring stainless and other steels, chromium or nickel plate when a mild cut is required.  Often used as a one step product.

  • WR1 - White Rouge

    Designed to restore a natural luster to all metals. May be used on plastic as well, for mild scratch removal and a highly reflective finish.

  • Lapping Compounds

    Used to produce a flat surface for gauge blocks, valve seats, and mechanical seal surfaces.  A final finishing for material surfaces not practical with standard mechanical methods.  A finishing material for shaft surfaces, industrial valves, synchronized gears and bearing races that provides a perfect final fit.  Available in 220, 280, 400, and 600 A/O grit.

  • Greaseless Compounds

    Provides a satin finish to any metal, clean and grease free.  Various uses include polishing, burr removal, blending and is ideal for highly contoured surfaces and parts.  Stocked in  grades 80, 120, 220, 320 grit.  Other grits available for special order.  Minimum quantity.

  • TC6 - Tripoli

    Designed for brass, aluminum, pewter, and other non ferrous metals, this natural abrasive removes surface imperfections on plastics as well.  This time tested formula provides fast cutting and colors nicely.

  • JR1 - Jewelers Rouge

    The finest abrasive for your most treasured pieces.  A premium compound for the finest finish on gold, silver, or any precious metal.  Skillful buffing will bring out the beauty of your heirlooms.

  • NuGLu Liquid Cement

    A liquid cold cement with premixed abrasive for set-up/polishing wheels. This provides the user with renewable abrasive that can be as mild or aggressive as needed.  A very economical solution when used in lieu of other conventional abrasives.  Small tip applications with felt bobs allows work on small, hard to reach areas.  An abrasive adhesive available in 60, 120, 220, and 320 grit.

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